3 Signs That You Are A Shoeaholic

3 Signs That You Are A Shoeaholic

Are you one of those people who just can’t walk past a shoe store without giving into their cravings? No matter how many shoes you have, they will never be enough. There will always be another pair of shoes, another color, and another brand that you would have to buy to complete your collection. People who have shoe addiction, they take pride in their collection. The huge array of shoes is like an art gallery exhibiting their talent and profound love for shoes. It is not just a hobby anymore. For them, it is a passion that they need to dive into every now and then. If you have a love for shoes and haven’t figured it out if you are there yet or no, then here are a few questions for you. Be honest and true to yourself when you answer them. If your answer is yes to at least two of them then you, my friend, are a shoeaholic. So here we go.

Money is no object to you

You see a nice pair of shoes that you instantly fall in love with. It is the end of the month and you will be broke if you go ahead and buy it anyway. Do you control the urge or give in to it? Shoes are like an addiction. You just can’t control the desire that takes control of your mind and body and urges you to give in just one more time.

You buy multiple pairs

Most of us are content with just one pair of shoes, no matter how much of a perfect fit it is. But the shoeaholics often confess about this weakness of theirs. When a shoe fits their foot like the Cinderella’s sandal they just can’t stop themselves from buying two of them. Who cares if they already have another pair in the same color at home? There is always a special room for the shoes in your closet.

You have more shoes than you can count

You open your closet and there you are bombarded with a heap of shoes. You recognize some of them since they were bought recently. As for the rest, you can’t even recall the last time you looked at them.

Shoes might be your passion but are you sure your passion is not hurting or killing someone, somewhere else? Most of the luxurious shoes we wear make use of leather, fur, and pearls which are obtained after hurting or killing animals. Wear intelligently. Make sure the shoes you buy do not defy your morals as a human. Go vegan. Say no to the products that are not drenched in the bloodstains of other animals. You think this would limit your options? Well, log in to our website. You will find shoes of all kinds made with vegan, man-made material. So that next time you give in to your addiction, an animal somewhere will not have to give its life for it.