Alternative Materials For Your Vegan Shoes

Alternative Materials For Your Vegan Shoes

Going vegan means giving up on everything that in any way harms animals. It could be the food you eat, the clothes you wear or the shoes you walk in; if you think what you are using is not eco-friendly and animal-friendly, then give up on it and switch to the alternatives. There are many man-made materials available which look and feel real but do not harm any animals in any way.

If you ever watch the horrific videos which depict the reality behind the factories and the tortures the animals go through there just so that people can wear certain shoes, you would understand the reason for the existence of vegan shoes. These shoes look identical to traditionally made shoes, but are made from materials that do not involve hurting or exploiting animals.

If the thought of using shoes that were made using animal materials, here are some vegan alternatives that you can switch to instead.

Faux Leather

Leather usually comes from cows, but sometimes also other animals. Leather is just a different name for their skin. Many of us would rather walk barefoot then walk in shoes that drip with the blood of the innocent animals who died in order to make them. Instead of this unnecessary and cruel practice, faux leather is made up of man-made materials and gives the same gloss, feel and durability of real leather. A lot of vegan based shoes, bags, wallets and belts make use of this quality artificial leather in their products.


Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly crops around that are naturally resistant to insects and needs no herbicides for their growth. It also prevents the growth of fungus and other micro-organisms, making it an excellent choice for people who are looking for durable, long-lasting vegan shoes.


A natural material that comes from a plant, which grows mainly in Asia. It is strong and 100% biodegradable. If you are looking for long-lasting shoes then get a hold of shoes made from jute. It is a breathing material that makes very comfortable shoes.


This is a relatively soft material which is great for the environment. This natural material is easily produced and is great for making comfortable shoes but is also common in the manufacturing of bags, which gives them a unique and stylish look.

Faux suede

Synthetic suede can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and can be sprayed to increase its water-resistance. The material works great for shoes since it is really comfortable to walk in. If you are looking for more comfort, you can also make use of elastic faux suede. Its elasticity is what makes it super pleasant and soft.

Apart from these, there are many other animal-friendly materials to make your next pair of shoes. For your style, you don’t necessarily have to wear something which is made by harming animals. The materials mentioned above are vegan materials that give you great variety in terms of style and comfort without compromising any of the look, luxury and feel.