4 Shoes Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Closet

No matter how many types of shoes you have, you just can’t have enough of them. However, the shoes do not come cheap. Not all of us can enjoy the luxury of buying every shoe we set our eyes on. To make sure that you have all the right shoes, without you having to spend too much of your money, we have picked out a list of our top 4 styles that you must have in your closet. These are the only shoes you will need, to go by the whole week. No need to indulge in a shopping frenzy anymore. Just get hold of these 4 pairs of shoes and you will be good to go.

Ballet flats

Get these in different colors. There is just no match for the kind of comfort and ease they bring into your life. Getting late for work? Just slide into one of these easy-to-wear shoes and you are good to go. No matter it is jeans you are clad up in or a short summer dress. These shoes work well with almost all kinds of dresses. The ballet flats give you a soft look which is perfect for a hangout with friends or a trip to the grocery store. If you can, buy them in different colors so that you never run of color options for them.

Black heels

The classic black heels just never go out of style. A gown, jeans, dress or shorts; no matter what you are wearing these shoes can change the whole look of your dress. Going out to a party with friends straight from work and have no time to go home and change? Strap on a pair of these black heels and change your whole persona. They work with all the dress types and dress colors to help you make the style statement you are so after.

Nude sandals

The love of every woman. Perfect for summers. These sandals work well with all colors. They give you the formal look without giving the impression as if you are trying too hard. Have an office dinner to attend and can’t think of what shoes to wear? Nudes will save the day.

Black ankle boots

Perfect for the cold weather, these shoes just never go out of style. Try to find one with a little bit of heel, say about 4.5 inches to give you the chic look you desire. These shoes can just never go out of style.


Women can never have enough of shoes in their closets but these 4 are the most basic work-with-all kind of shoes. If you are looking for more shoes options, look around on our top 10 charts to find stores that sell pretty much any type of shoe in creation. You will find shoes that are not only stylish but purely vegan as well, 100% animal-friendly.